Roolit builds bridges between business processes,
Business Intelligence, Office 365
and other Cloud services

As a company you want to grow, make speed, be flexible, but above all, be able to ensure continuity.

Microsoft’s solutions are the perfect fit for this goal. They give you a flexible environment and tools, an ideal combination of cloud and local storage and you can work in a very integrated way. In our humble opinion, a solid foundation to start from, as long as it is set up correctly and managed with the necessary expertise.

Dynamics 365

Combine the functionalities of ERP and CRM in one platform and centralize all data in your organization


Dynamics 365 and its modules form a reliable, scalable and intelligent all-in-one business management platform. It works anywhere and on any device and unites your business relations, processes, finances, data… and provides insights through real-time analysis.

Microsoft 365

Office 365 combined with Windows 10 and extra security features. Work efficiently and safely in the cloud.


Overall package

Microsoft 365 is Office 365 + Windows 10 + security and so so much more… One advantageous suite, at a low price per user per month.

Office 365

The go-to productivity suite for most organizations. Combine Teams, Sharepoint, PowerApps, Power-BI, Word, Exchange, ....

Everything in the cloud

Nowadays you can run almost your entire business via Office 365, SharePoint, Teams… Extremely versatile, always up-to-date and always fully integrated.
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In need of hardware?

Thanks to various cloud services you need less hardware than before. But to really live without it is still impossible.

You know which hardware or extra software you need or don’t know what you need to attain your goal? We will be glad to help you. You prefer working with a different hardware supplier? No problem! Our core business is finding the right solution for your needs.

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