Smart management

As an IT company, Roolit develops and distributes its own management suite Demarso – which translates from Esperanto as ‘management’ – and was specially designed and developed for the ever-changing world of passenger transport. This means, flexible, robust and innovative. In doing so, we always implement the applicable standards and ensure the necessary control on completeness and correctness of data.

This ‘pay as you use’ software suite is divided into several modules such as timetables, products and rates from transaction processing to management reporting and combined it ensures a simplification and coherence between these different basic processes in the transport sector.

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Expert in public transport

Founding father Steven Pauwels has been active in the Dutch OV-Chip world since 2009. With his thorough knowledge of the public transport system, he guides Roolit through this complex world.

For instance, Steven has been active as a business consultant for multiple public transport companies in the Netherlands for several years. In particular he helps them with the development, configuration, testing and implementation of products for the OV-Chip payment system.

In addition to business consultancy, Roolit is also developing a management tool for product configuration within OV-Chip and data export to standards such as NeTeX.

Did you know that Roolit takes up a prominent role in the MaaS congress, where numerous leading speakers from the public transport sector try to solve the accessibility issue. You could say that Roolit has been a strong supporter of Mobility as a Service from the very beginning and we put our expertise and knowledge to good use in various working groups and organizations.

Thorough standardization is essential for the success of this project. That is why we are part of the TOMP working group which has to transform transport operators into mobility providers and is currently the standardized and technical interface between MaaS service providers and transport carriers.

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