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Roolit simplifies business and practical challenges by transforming your specific business needs into powerful software solutions. We do this according our standard procedure that implements the right IT technologies and guarantees faster and more efficient work.

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Employees often struggle through complex procedures, have to deal with all kinds of IT constraints or blindly follow historically set workflows which reduce their productivity.

Another possible sore point is the software your company uses. It is often outdated making it inefficient at communicating with other applications.

These issues all too often lead to frustrations and sub-optimal productivity in the work environment.

Companies aren’t always aware of this while there is a great potential for improvement. It pays to take a critical look at these workflows and to see if they are still running optimally.

At Roolit, we believe that software should support your business operations so that it saves you time and delivers more quality work. By doing so, we uphold our promise:
Make IT easy for you!

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Work more efficiently across the transport sector

Thanks to the expertise of one of the founding fathers, Roolit has grown in the transport sector. Our experience and expertise are situated in the world of public transport with branches in parking, fleet management and customs. Our solutions range from management systems for products, tickets, subscriptions, roll-out to vehicles, through systems for sales and validation to transaction processing. In doing so, we implement the required standards and also ensure the necessary checks for integrality and the accuracy of the data. Als sterke supporter van MaaS (Mobility as a Service) zetten we ook daar onze expertise in bij verschillende werkgroepen en organisaties.

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Some of our clients from the transport sector

Expert advice

You are in need of an independent perspective on ICT related issues? Roolit is the partner you are looking for. Our Six Sigma Black Belt experts are happy to assist you with analyses, mostly on a strategic level. Undoubtedly you have in house people with knowledge of IT, but an independent opinion and advice based on years of experience is always valuable.

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Roolit is a registered service provider for the “advice” section of the SME portfolio under registration number DV.A237477